Request for Research

Under state regulations, you as an individual, or private corporation, political subdivision, government agency, municipality, partnership, association, firm, trust, estate, or any other entity whatsoever have the right to submit
a request to the state agency for information.

This state agency’s records must be disclosed to the requester in a timely manner provided the requested
records are not:
  1. Covered under a valid Alaska or federal statute or regulation, or by privilege, exemption, or principle recognized by the courts, or by an agency protective order authorized by law.
  2. Infringing on the rights of any other person or entity.
  3. Impairing the functions of any agency.

Copies of records, photos, and/or audio are provided at the requester’s expense.

If you are requesting more than one record, it is possible that your request will be completed by multiple regional offices.

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Per AS 40.25.122 and 2 AAC 96.220, the Division may ask if a requester is a party or represents a party in an administrative or judicial litigation with the state in which a requested record is relevant. If the answer is yes, the requester must seek the records in accordance with the rules of procedure applicable in the administrative or judicial proceeding.
*Are you such a requester? (currently in litigation with the State of Alaska)

*I am requesting the following information:
(Please provide enough information so a reasonable search can be conducted, ie, persons involved, DOB, license plate number, VIN, etc. For data requests, provide specifics such as dates, locations, etc.)


If request is for records or reports, please provide the following:

DPS Incident/Case#:                     

Date of incident:                           

Court Case Number:                    

Location or Address of Incident:

Copies of records, photos, and/or audio are provided at the requester’s expense.

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